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This page provides processor-related information, including CPU type, clock speed, multiplier, cache size and packaging. For Intel processors, a link to a page on the manufacturer's website listing the specifications is also provided. Available for each processor core, CPU utilization data is updated in real time.


This page displays processor information using the CPUID instruction. Information about the availability of instruction set extensions, security, power management and virtualization features is also provided.


This page displays information about the motherboard, including name, front side bus properties, memory bus properties, chipset bus properties and manufacturer information.


This page provides memory information, including physical and virtual memory, swap file size and Physical Address Extension (PAE). The page is updated dynamically, which makes it possible for us to check memory utilization and free memory in real time.


This page provides information about the installed memory modules, including clock speed, timings, voltages. We can get detailed information about each installed module by selecting the appropriate DIMM slot. At the bottom of the page, information about XMP, EPP and AMP memory profiles is also provided.


This page provides information about the motherboard chipset (north and south bridge), including memory timings, installed memory modules, supported memory types and integrated graphics and audio controllers.


This page displays system and video BIOS information. Asus ATK and Intel XTU are used to provide current BIOS settings.


This page displays the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) table properties. On the SLIC table, we can see information about the Windows license, while at the bottom of the DSDT table, we can check NVIDIA SLI and Lucid Virtu certifications.