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Using the command-line option-h, Linux Extension for AIDA64 will display all available command-line switches with a brief description for each. These provide customization options for network inventory and automatic report creation. This information is only available in English in the program.


The language file is a simple text file containing key-value pairs. Besides the language-dependent settings, it includes error messages and category names used in the reports.


For technical support, please write to us (, and attach the XML, CSV and LOG files the program creates when it is launched by the following command: “aida64 -d -e -l report.log”.


This Linux software, which is an optional tool for AIDA64 Business and AIDA64 Network Audit, can be downloaded for free from the official AIDA64 website.

Linux Extension for AIDA64 is a closed source software. Its license allows end users to run the program, but prohibits the modification, reverse-engineering and distribution of the source code.

Note: Even though we can create reports of an unlimited number of Linux-based PCs using Linux Extension for AIDA64, AIDA64 Audit Manager, Database Manager and Change Manager cannot handle more computers than the number of clients specified in the product license.