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AIDA64 can send alert notifications of several hardware-related issues. Here we can enable alerting and specify how often we would like to receive alerts of the same issue. The latter option is useful for events that persist, for example, when a cooling fan comes to a halt and does not restart.

We can add new alert triggers by clicking “New”, and edit existing triggers by clicking “Modify”. We can define individual labels for each alert trigger, and we need to set the threshold values for each by filling in the “value is below” and/or “value is above” fields.

We can select the alert method on the “Actions” tab. Available options are displaying an alert window, shutting down the computer, playing a user-selected WAV file, running a user-selected program or command and sending a notification e-mail (the subject field of which is customizable). If we choose to send e-mail notifications we need to configure the e-mail sending options in Preferences / E-mail.