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Licensing information

Please read this page carefully before making a purchase.

How does the license work?

All of our software packages, along with their user manuals and related documentation, are provided under license by FinalWire Ltd. It is essential to comprehend that our software is not sold, but rather, FinalWire grants you the right to utilize our products through a product license and a license agreement established between you and FinalWire.

Upon purchasing a product license, you will receive a product key that grants you unrestricted access to the complete functionality of the product. By doing so, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions outlined in the license agreement, thus becoming the official licensee of the licensed software.

The License Agreement in full is displayed during the software installation process, and can be consulted at any time after the installation or unpacking in the AIDA64 folder (license.txt).

Support and maintenance

When you buy a product license, you receive free technical support, upgrades, and updates for the product for one year (12 months) from the date of purchase. Additionally, you have the option to extend the maintenance period of the license by one year, providing you with a total of 2 years (24 months) of access to support and maintenance.

Once the support and maintenance period expires, you have the option to renew the maintenance period of your license at at a 30% renewal discount price (in comparison to the price of a new license) to continue benefiting from these services. Notably, the latest version of the product will remain fully functional even after the maintenance period expires.

At FinalWire, we provide support through multiple channels, including email, the AIDA64 Discussion Forum, and the information available on our website.
Please note that our support services are not available via telephone or live chat, ensuring that our resources are optimized to deliver the highest quality assistance through the available channels.

License variants

We offer a range of our products to cater to different needs:

AIDA64 Extreme licenseLimited for home use, this license allows a single user to install and utilize the product on up to 3 computers. Using this edition for business purposes is not allowed.

AIDA64 Engineer licenseThis business license grants a corporate engineer or IT technician the ability to install and employ the product on an unlimited number of computers within the company. Additionally, it permits freelance computer specialists to offer their services to clients.

AIDA64 Network Audit and AIDA64 Business license: Specifically tailored for businesses and institutions, this license enables the product to be used within the local network on a specified number of PCs. It restricts product usage to computers owned by the company or institution.

These license variants ensure flexibility and cater to the diverse requirements of our users, whether they are individual users, businesses, or freelance professionals.

Trial versions

Experience our products firsthand with a complimentary 30-day trial. We highly recommend conducting a comprehensive evaluation to ensure your satisfaction before making a purchase. Enjoy the trial versions of AIDA64 Extreme and AIDA64 Engineer, both available for download directly from our website. Please note that these trial versions come with limited functionality.

For a complete assessment of AIDA64 Network Audit and AIDA64 Business, simply request a free test license. This grants you access to the fully functional product for a 30-day period. Once the evaluation period expires, the product will cease to operate, prompting the need for a product license purchase to continue enjoying its full capabilities.

To seamlessly transition from the evaluation version to a fully functional licensed product, simply input the product key provided upon license purchase. No reinstallation is required to activate the product.

Purchasing a product license

To acquire a product license, simply click on the "Buy Now" button located on the toolbar of the software. This will redirect you to the AIDA64 online store, which is also accessible from the AIDA64 website. Once your payment for the product license has been confirmed, you will promptly receive a product registration email containing your unique product key for the purchased product.

To ensure a smooth delivery of the product registration email, it is crucial to accurately provide your email address during the purchase process. By purchasing the product license and entering the product key into your trial version to activate it, you will bid farewell to nag screens and unlock the product's full capabilities. Additionally, you will be entitled to a one-year support and maintenance period. In case you selected the corresponding option during your purchase, you can benefit from the support and maintenance for two years.

Before finalizing your product license purchase, we strongly recommend verifying the system requirements of the product to ensure compatibility with your system configuration.

Where to buy?

You have the option to procure an authentic license through the following reputable sources:

We strongly advise against engaging with unauthorized platforms that distribute counterfeit or invalid product keys. For more insights into recognizing invalid product keys, we encourage you to learn further on this matter. Your investment in an official license ensures the quality and reliability of your AIDA64 experience.

Payment options

We offer a diverse selection of payment options to suit your convenience:

  • Credit / Debit card
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer

Check the complete list of the available payment methods of the Cleverbidge powered AIDA64 online store, and the payment methods that Barion offers in the online store on the website.  

More information about the payment methods is available in the General Terms of Service.

Unlocking the trial version

To transform the trial version into a fully functional licensed product, simply enter the product key provided in your product registration email upon purchasing a license. There is no need to reinstall the product in order to activate it.

Lost product key

In the event that you have purchased a product license but encounter difficulties such as not receiving our product registration email due to technical issues, inability to locate the product key due to a computer failure, or changes to your email address, please reach out to us at through the Resend my lost product key” form. To assist you promptly, please include the following details about yourself and your purchase in your request:

Company name (if applicable) 

  • Full name 
  • Email address 
  • Purchased product 
  • Approximate date of the purchase

To ensure a smooth experience, we highly recommend backing up your prodct key. One way to do this is by printing the product registration email that we send you after your purchase. This precautionary measure helps to protect your product key and enables easy access for future reference.

Renewing maintenance period

If you have previously purchased an AIDA64 license, you can use your product key to renew your maintenance period at a discount by clicking the “Renew” button in the online store. You will then receive a new product key which you will have to enter into the software.

Modifying your product license

As long as there are still more than 3 months left till the expiry of the maintenance period, you can modify your license without having to renew it. In this case, for any added units (which can be seats, technicians or products depending on the product), you will pay only the fraction of the full license price, as is due till the remainder of the active maintenance period. To increase or decrease units included in the license, go to the “Purchase” menu on and click “Renew” or “Upgrade license”. You will then receive a new product key which you will have to enter into the software.

Converting your product license

It is possible to convert your AIDA64 Network Audit license into an AIDA64 Business licenses, and vice versa. To do so, go to the “Purchase” menu on and click “Renew” or “Upgrade license” and change the product. Our web store will automatically calculate the price difference.

Transferring a product license

We provide you with the opportunity to resell your own license. If this requirement arises, the original owner is required to contact our Sales Team. In the transfer request, enter your name, email address, billing address, AIDA64 product key, and the name, email address, and billing address of the future owner.

The maintenance period is counted continuously for the new owner.

Money-back guarantee

If you find that your purchase does not align with your needs or expectations, we recommend taking the following steps:

Explore our Knowledge Base (FAQ): Our comprehensive Knowledge Base provides a wealth of information and solutions that may assist you in maximizing the utility of the product and meeting your requirements.

Engage with the AIDA64 Discussion Forum: Connect with other AIDA64 users who may have encountered similar situations. They can offer valuable insights and guidance to help address any challenges you may be facing.

Contact our Support Team: Reach out to our dedicated support team with a detailed description of the issue you're experiencing, along with your hardware and software configuration. We are here to assist you in resolving any concerns and ensuring optimal product performance.

Should you exhaust these options and still find the product unable to meet your satisfaction, you have the option to request a refund. We value your experience and strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products.

Refund policy

FinalWire is committed to ensuring your satisfaction with our products, which is why we offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee on all purchases. If, for any reason, you are not entirely pleased with our products or customer service, you have the option to request a full refund.

To initiate the refund process, please submit your refund request, including your order details, to our Customer Support Service within 30 days of your purchase. Please note that refunds cannot be granted beyond the 30-day period following your purchase. Our team will promptly review your request and guide you through the refund procedure.

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we strive to provide a seamless experience with our products.

September 6, 2023