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File Scanner

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We can select the scope of the file scanning process from a list of predefined paths or by adding the folders we want to scan. The available options are:

  • No file scanning
  • Scan all local disks
  • Scan system drive
  • Scan C: drive
  • Scan ProgramFiles folder
  • Scan ProgramFiles and Windows folder
  • Selected folders

On the File Scanner Filter page we can choose extension-based filtering options:

  • All files
  • Executable files
  • DLL files
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Misc files: where other file extensions can be listed (separated by commas)

On this page we can also choose file size based filtering:

  • All files
  • Files smaller than [the specified size]
  • Files larger than [the specified size]

On the File Properties page, we can select the file properties we want to see on the Software / File Scanner page for each file.