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It gives a summary of the computer's hardware configuration, including information about the motherboard, displays, multimedia devices, storage devices, volumes, input devices, network, peripheral devices and the DMI.

Computer name

The host name as well as its NetBIOS and DNS names of the PC are listed here.


Desktop Management Interface (DMI) information, as defined in the SMBIOS specification, is listed here, such as details about the BIOS, motherboard, processor, memory controllers, port connectors and system slots.


Processor details are provided here.


Memory information, including physical and virtual memory, swap file size and Physical Address Extension (PAE), is provided here.

Operating system

Detailed operating system information is listed here, including installation date, uptime statistics and the version number of operating system components.


All running processes are listed here together with their properties.

Logical Drives

Available local and network drives with information about the file system, total size, free space and volume serial are listed here.


The defined TCP/IP network routes are listed here.

Installed programs

The programs installed on the operating system are listed here.