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General Partner Agreement

The contract was concluded between the following parties:

The software reseller company that had completed the Partner Registration Form on the website,

as reseller (hereafter referred to as: Reseller), and

Company name: FinalWire Ltd.
City: Budapest
Zip code: 1048
Street address: Tófalva utca 6. A. ép. III. em. 7.
Country: Hungary
Tax number: HU22764672
Business Registration Number: 01-09-942549

as distributor (hereinafter referred to as: Distributor).

The contracting parties declare that the Reseller shall sell the Distributor’s products in accordance with the terms of this agreement. The Distributor and the Reseller therefore agree as follows:

1. Subject of the contract

The contracting parties shall cooperate in the sale of the AIDA64 product family (hereafter referred to as: Products) sold by the Distributor, which the Reseller purchases from the Distributor for resale. Furthermore, under the terms of the contract, the Reseller will become the official non-exclusive reseller of the Products in the territories defined in paragraph 2 (hereafter referred to as: Territories). This status is not transferable. The Reseller acknowledges that it does not acquire exclusive rights in these territories to sell, advertise and promote the sale of the Products.

2. Territorial scope

The Distributor authorises the Reseller to sell, advertise and promote the sales of the Products in the territory of the countries specified in the registration form and approved by the Distributor.

3. Contents

The Partner Programme constitutes an inseparable annex to this Agreement.

4. Rights reserved by the Distributor

The Distributor reserves the right to:

4.1. appoint or be represented by other or additional resellers;

4.2. sell the Products directly to some or all customers

in the territories of the Reseller.

5. Obligations of the Distributor

The Distributor:

5.1. sells Products to the reseller for resale;

5.2. reasonably endeavours to make the products ordered by the Reseller available to the Reseller in the quantities and on the date required;

5.3. provides support to the Reseller to the extent determined by the conditions of the Partner Programme and the Reseller’s partner classification.

5.4. will not contact the Reseller’s customers as long as:

5.4.1. the customer directly contacts the Distributor, which the Distributor shall redirect to the Reseller if possible;

5.4.2. the partner’s status is active.

6. Obligations of the Reseller

The Reseller:

6.1. makes every effort possible to sell and promote the sale of Products in the specified territories;

6.2. complies with the rules and regulations furnished to the Reseller by the Distributor regarding the use of any trade names, and properly identifies its relationship with the Distributor;

6.3. fulfils the additional requirements and obligations undertaken in the Partner Programme, including those based on the Reseller’s classification.

7. Prices, payment terms and due date

7.1. The Products are sold to the Reseller at a price determined by the Distributor, that is on the basis of the prices of the web store.

7.2. The Distributor reserves the right to implement price changes at any time during the term of this agreement. The Distributor shall notify the reseller in writing of the price changes 30 days before they enter into force.

7.3. The Reseller is entitled to a discount from the list price, the extent of which is determined by the Distributor on the basis of the Reseller’s classification as set out in the Partner Programme.

7.4. The Reseller purchases, renews and extends the licenses online on the Webshop of FinalWire Ltd.

7.5. The Products are delivered in electronic form by e-mail.

7.6. The Products are paid at the time of placing the order via the secure payment systems of PayPal or Barion, or by advance bank transfer.

7.7. In the case of bank transfers, the amount can be settled to the Distributor’s bank account displayed on the invoice issued for the order.

7.8. The Reseller makes payments in the currency it specified during registration.

8. Duration and termination

This Agreement shall enter into force for an indefinite period of time after completing the partner registration form on the Partner website, and after signing this Partner Agreement and Partner Programme, unless either party terminates it as specified below:

8.1. the Reseller may at any time terminate it within 30 days by deactivating its account, after which the Reseller’s account will be permanently deleted. Deactivation can only be requested if the Reseller has no outstanding debt to the Distributor;

8.2. the Distributor may at any time terminate it within 30 days by deactivating the Reseller’s account if the terms of the agreement are not met or the Reseller has a negative effect on the Products;

8.3. Based on the current Partner Programme of the Distributor, the Reseller’s account may be immediately and automatically deactivated. Within one year, the partner may apply for the reactivation of their account.

8.4. automatically and without notice, if the Reseller or the Distributor are subject to bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings, or if control over the majority of their assets is entrusted to a trustee or liquidator;

8.5. immediately, without justification, by deactivating the Reseller’s account if the registered Reseller filled in the partner registration form incorrectly.

9. Partner programme

The Distributor has a Partner Programme in which Resellers are assigned different categories, the details of which are available here. The Distributor reserves the right to modify or terminate the Partner Programme, of which it shall notify the Reseller in writing 30 days in advance.

10. Applicable laws

10.1. This Agreement is governed and interpreted by the laws in force in Hungary.

10.2. This agreement replaces the previous reseller agreements between the Distributor and the Reseller.

10.3. The registrant accepts that they can legally represent their business in the management of partnership relations.

10.4. By registering as a partner, the Reseller acknowledges to have read, understood and agreed to the terms of the Reseller Agreement, including the Partner Programme (collectively: Agreement).

11. Force Majeure

FinalWire is not liable for performance failure if it results from unforeseeable circumstances or reasons beyond the reasonable control of FinalWire, including but not limited to actions of superior power, war, insurgency, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fires, floods, accidents, strikes, layoffs, or shortages of transport, facilities, fuel, energy, labour or materials. In the event of any such delay, FinalWire may be exempted from performance to the extent that it is delayed or hindered by such circumstances.

1. March 2022.