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Submit report to FinalWire

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AIDA64 allows us to send reports to the developers directly from the application. This can come in handy when we need support, or want to report an issue or send feedback to the AIDA64 team.

When we select this option, a quick report is automatically created using a predefined report profile that does not contain sensitive information such as license keys or information about installed software. After the report has been generated, we need to click “Submit report to FinalWire” at the top of the preview window and enter our name and e-mail address (and any comments we may have). If we want to send anonymous reports to the AIDA64 developers we need to click the button “Anonymous report submit”. We can include further technical details in the message if we check the Sensor Debug, Embedded Ctrl and ACPI DSDT boxes. To send the report, we have to click “OK”.