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Windows Video

This page lists the available graphics adapters and information about the installed drivers. Double-clicking a graphics adapter will load the Windows Display Properties / Screen Resolution window, where we can modify our display settings.

PCI / AGP Video

This page lists the available PCI, AGP and PCI Express graphics adapters.


This page provides detailed GPU information, such as manufacturer, GPU version, GPU clock, number of processing units, fill rate, memory and utilization. If we have more GPUs installed in our PC we can select the one we are interested in. The page is updated dynamically in real time, which enables us to monitor actual clock speeds and utilization. Links to driver download websites are provided at the bottom of the page.


On this page, we can review the monitor properties, including physical information and supported video modes. Links to driver download websites are provided at the bottom of the page.


This page lists the desktop properties, including resolution, color depth, font resolution, refresh rate as well as the individual desktop effects.


This page lists the connected monitors. If there are more monitors available the primary display is indicated. Monitor resolution and monitor hierarchy are also displayed.

Video Modes

This page lists all available video resolution, color depth and refresh rate options.


This page provides detailed information about supported OpenGL functionality.


This page provides information about the available GPGPU frameworks which enable general-purpose computing on graphics processing units. The GPGPU module of AIDA64 supports the latest versions of AMD Stream, Microsoft Direct3D Compute Shader, NVIDIA CUDA, OpenCL and S3GP. Links to driver download websites are provided at the bottom of the page.


Here we can find detailed information about GPUs supporting the AMD Mantle graphics API, such as GPU clocks, TMU count, profiling information, API versions and video memory details. Queue, memory heap and device extension enumeration is also available for both GCN and GCN2 family Radeon GPUs.


This page enumerates all installed fonts.