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Windows Devices

This page displays the same information as the Device Manager in Windows. But AIDA64 is capable of recognizing devices not identified by Windows (listed as Unknown devices) and providing information about them, which helps us find the appropriate drivers.

Physical Devices

This pages lists the physical devices found in the PC. All PCI, PCI Express, AGP, PnP or USB devices are listed here, including those integrated on the motherboard.

PCI Devices

This page lists the PCI, PCI Express and AGP devices and provides detailed information about the AGP, HyperTransport, PCI Express and QPI controllers. Links to the manufacturers' driver download websites are provided at the bottom of the page.

USB Devices

This page lists the available USB controllers and USB devices. The USB controller icons are color-coded: USB 2.0 controllers are displayed in violet, while USB 3.0 controllers in blue.

Device Resources

This page lists the resources (port, IRQ, DMA, memory) used by Windows devices.


This page lists the input devices (keyboard, mouse, game controller) and their properties.


This page lists the installed local and network printers and faxes along with their properties. Links to the manufacturers' driver download websites are provided at the bottom of the page.