Linux Extension for AIDA64

Developed for the business editions of the AIDA64 product family, Linux Extension for AIDA64 is a tool that enables companies to collect audit reports from their Linux-based clients. It can create a hardware and software inventory of networked Linux PCs in a format that AIDA64 Business and AIDA64 Network Audit can import into their database. It is not necessary to install Linux Extension for AIDA64 on each client separately, as the application can be run from a central shared folder. The software can be easily deployed in a corporate environment by following the instructions in the Setup Guide, which is downloadable from our website.

Automated network inventory

Using command-line options, Linux Extension for AIDA64 can automatically collect hardware and software information from the PC fleet connected to the company network. The data collected from individual computers can be saved to CSV report files. The collected reports – together with the information gathered directly from Windows clients – are processed by AIDA64 Audit Manager, which can also provide network audit statistics and diagrams on hardware and software distribution.

Hardware detection

The client can compile a summary report of the PC, including motherboard, CPU, memory, display, multimedia device, storage device, volume, input device, network, peripheral device and DMI information.

Linux Extension for AIDA64 uses LSHW to detect the PC's hardware devices.

Software analysis

The software lists running processes and services as well as all installed programs.

Information about the operating system, including install date, uptime and component version numbers, is also provided.

Download Setup guide User's manual