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Remote monitoring

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AIDA64 Business offers advanced remote functions, which enable system administrators to monitor network activity in real time, check the hardware and software configuration of networked PCs, and take full control of remote PCs, without ever leaving their desk.

Monitoring remote PCs

AIDA64 can provide real-time information about PCs connected to the network, this way it can be used to monitor and control hardware resources and network utilization. It informs system administrators of the state and activity of each client, they can even follow the number of running applications and – if they are authorized to do so – the currently active window at which remote users are looking.

Beyond monitoring, the software also provides remote tools for intervention. Among other things, it allows the administrator to send messages to a remote computer, or search for files, stop running processes or take screen shots. These functions can be used on all clients simultaneously: for example, if you select “Run program” in AIDA64 and type “notepad”, Windows Notepad will launch on all PCs on the network.

Remote system information

AIDA64 Business can provide us with detailed, real-time hardware and software information from remote computers as well. During the remote connection session, the details of the remote machine can be seen and browsed both in the Page menu and the information window.

Remote control

Administrators can also use the software to take full control of remote computers. This can be a big help when it comes to everyday administration tasks such as user support, troubleshooting and maintenance. If an employee, for example, encounters problems with his or her office PC or an application, admins can provide support remotely, without visiting the site.

AIDA64 Business allows you to specify those computers, user names or IP addresses that are authorized for initiating remote connections. It is also possible to protect access to remote functions with passwords so that only authorized users can use them.

AIDA64 Business always notifies PC users whenever remote connection to their computer is initiated by an administrator.