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Change management

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AIDA64 Change Manager can detect and list changes between network audit snapshots taken at various times. Changes in both hardware and software can be monitored per user, per computer or by date. The real-time alert service in AIDA64 can notify network administrators when hardware or software changes are detected, when machines run critically low on disk space or anti-virus databases become outdated.

Integrated change manager

With AIDA64 Network Audit and AIDA64 Business, it is possible to track changes between network audit snapshots taken at various times. With just a few clicks, system administrators can identify those PCs on the company network the hardware configuration of which has been modified, or on which new software has been installed, maybe without permission. It is also easy to monitor if the latest software or operating system updates are installed on the PCs.

Using the available CSV or SQL report files, AIDA64 Change Manager can sort changes per user, per computer, by date, component or event, and allows us to discard selected computers or users from the list.

Change monitoring in real time

AIDA64 can send alert notifications if hardware or software changes occur or when issues or problems arise. For example, system administrators can ask for e-mail notifications if a user – who might not be authorized to do so – connects a USB drive to his or her computer. If required, the technician can even intervene through remote control in such cases.

AIDA64 supports the following alert triggers:

When an alert event is detected, AIDA64 can notify both the user and the administrator in several ways, for example, displaying an alert window, sending e-mail or Windows messages, or logging alert events to a log file.