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Why can't I see all data in Audit Manager?

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AIDA64 provides extremely detailed information about the computers. For example, the DMI page alone contains about 1,175 lines of data. To keep the network inventory manageable, the integrated Audit Manager displays those items (pages) only that are used by most customers. Just to provide you with some numbers, a full AIDA64 report contains about 26,000 lines of information whereas an “audit” report only 1,800.

If we want to access the information not visible in Audit Manager, we should use database queries. We can do this even if we decided to save our reports to CSV files rather than to a database. In this case, if we make sure to store the report files in a systematic manner, for example, in folders named according to the report creation date, we will be able to import the reports into a database with ease (File / Database Manager / Operations / Insert report files to database). We can also automate this process using the /CSV2SQL [folder] command-line switch.

Then we can run any query on the database. For example, to query DMI information from the reports created on 17 June 2013 using the /AUDIT switch, we can use the following query:

SELECT Item.IPage, Item.IGroup, Item.IField, Item.IValue, Report.RHost, Report.RDateTime
FROM Report INNER JOIN Item ON Report.ID = Item.ReportID
WHERE (((Item.IPage)='DMI') AND ((Report.RDateTime) Like '2013-07-16%') AND ((Report.RComplete)='True'));